Bond Voyage

Connect with people who want to do the same activity as you.

Bond Voyage is a free-to-use social networking application that helps travelers meet and form lasting bonds with new people in new cities. Based on preferences and what a traveler wants to do, the app allows them to make a friend and hang-out in a place (be it a bar, restaurant or museum) that they both would like.

It's simple

                   1.What are you in the mood for?

                       2. Set your filters

                          3. Browse other profiles

                              4. INVITE OTHERS TO BOND

Bond Voyage founders Penelope Hamourgas and Zoi Liakopoulos are living proof that connecting with fellow travelers can lead to a lifetime of adventure and friendship.

Penelope and Zoi met in 2004 as strangers studying in Greece who became fast friends. Since then they’ve traveled the world both together and separately seeking that same connection.

Now it’s your turn to forge friendships on your journeys. Every trip can be a new beginning. Go ahead, open your eyes, worldwide, and see the possibilities.