Bond Voyage

Connect with people who want to do the same activity as you.

Bond Voyage is a free-to-use social networking application that helps travelers meet and form lasting bonds with new people in new cities. Based on preferences and what a traveler wants to do, the app allows them to make a friend and hang-out in a place (be it a bar, restaurant or museum) that they both would like.

The Bond Voyage app helps "newbies" connect with either other newcomers or locals that are looking for the same activities at the same time in a particular city in the world. Bond Voyage not only matches new people, but it enables users to avail discounts at restaurants, bars, cafes and museums when they use the Bond Voyage app to set up a social rendezvous.

"The Uber pool of activities"

Flying back to 2004, BondVoyage cofounders Zoi Liakopoulos and Penelope Hamourgas found themselves in Athens looking for a casual drink for the night. Unfamiliar with the city, they both decided to hail a cab and asked to be taken to the hottest spot in town!

The catch? They did not know each other and yet they somehow ended up in the very same cab, asking for the very same thing! Close in age, speaking the same language and not knowing anyone around they decided to have that drink together. Fast forward to the present and after twelve great years of a friendship that began that night, they saw that more and more people are looking for that same connection that randomly happens in the spur of the moment. They decided not to leave that up to fate! And that's how BondVoyage was born!

Happy Travels everyone!

Zoi and Penelope