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Connecting you to other travelers or locals


Bond Voyage connects travelers and locals with each other to book offline activities. We have streamlined the planning and logistic process of finding activities and people to meet in new destinations. Tell us what city you will be in and the dates you will be there and we will present you with multiple activity options based on your user profile and preferences as well as others who are interested in the same activities. Our mission is to connect travelers of different cultural backgrounds!

Form lasting memories through the people you meet


 The homepage serves as our gateway into our site. Whether you are planning your trip or in your current destination, you just let us know! With this information, we will find recommended activities for you based on your profile preferences.  



Our users can search and find activities under four different categories: Culture & Sightseeing, Food & Drink, Nightlife & Entertainment, Sports & Outdoor Activities. After choosing a main category, they are presented with multiple options and can click on each one to view activity specific information.


After choosing a potential activity,  users can connect with others who are interested in the same activity as they are and available at the same time. At that point travelers can either join bonds that have already been created or create a new bond.


We want to make logistics easy.  We have created an easy booking system that allows you to pay for your ticket individually within your group.

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Beta User Testimonials

"Meeting people is not my issue; it's the quality of the people. Focusing on activities is a great way to meet quality people."

-Angelo, 36

"I'm a frequent traveler, and I think Bond Voyage is an amazing app for young travelers in foreign countries."

-Lea, 22

"It's cool to be able to search and see what's going on in a particular area. It will be very useful for me when planning a trip in advance.

-Chris, 36