Our Story

It all started back in May 2012, when Penelope Hamourgas and Allison Hartrick began their One Year MBA program at Babson College.  It did not take long for the two to realize their shared interest in travel.  Soon, they began planning their first trip, and the rest is history.

Each year, whether traveling to South America or Asia, the two friends would meet fellow travelers or locals on their travels.  Through these experiences, Penelope and Allison would have discussions about how much they would learn from these new-found friends, learning about their cultures, their backgrounds and their viewpoints.  Each experience not only broaden their mindset but was fun! 

It was here where Penelope wanted to make these types of experiences more accessible to other travelers, and it was through these travels that Bond Voyage was born.  

As a team, Bond Voyage values having fun and being inclusive. Bond Voyage's goal is to initiate new connections through individualized experiences.


Penelope Hamourgas, CEO & Co-Founder

Penelope has a deep seeded family business background in the travel industry and is very passionate about Bond Voyage being used as a platform to promote cultural exchange. Aside from two businesses previously under her leadership, she holds a MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship from Babson College and an undergraduate degree in Finance from Northeastern University. 

Penelope currently resides in Massachusetts but travels back and forth from Greece visiting family.

Allison Hartrick, CMO & Co-Founder

Allison has held various leadership roles in startup and emerging companies. Her expertise lies in business strategy, operations, marketing and sales.  Due to her efforts in the startup community, Allison was regionally recognized as a leader in the state of Maryland. Allison earned her MBA at Babson College, which is the number 1 ranked school for entrepreneurship. She holds a BBA degree from Loyola College in Maryland where she majored in International Management and minored in French.  

Allison currently resides in Michigan with her pup, Maverick.